Wednesday May 5 @ 06:08pm
to all my lovely followers

sorry i haven’t updated in like forever, i will do very soon! and i have received 90+ messages but i’m so sorry i really cant reply to them all! love you all very much though xxxxxx 

Monday Mar 3 @ 08:19pm
Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:14am

loving-moon said: You're blog is so wonderfuuuuul <3 !

thanks xxx

Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:04am

umbrellaed-deactivated20121014 said: Omigoshh, I legitimately cannot stop reblogging your photos. Like literally. Looooooooove your blog! :)

thank you:) keep rebloging away! 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:04am

sunny-couture-deactivated201201 said: Your tumblr is just simply AMAZING!
recommend some fashion sites please?
& what is the theme that you use ?
keep up the good work!

thank you! well heres a blog which i completely adore and my theme is from 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:04am

girl-catchingfire said: I absolutely love your blog!! I added you to my Follow Friday <3

aww thanks so much!! 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 10:00am

Anonymous said: Hi there. Still rmmbr me? The one who asking how to confess ' ilikeyou ' to a guy. :) i have to wait a perfect timing to tell him that i like him actually. but for this time, er i dont think i've a gut to tell him. :/ actually, he's single now. but so far that i know, he like someone which is from his former school. and i'm kinda sad. ouch! i have to put my nick name at here so next time if i ask you a question you'll know that is me. tq. - Shey -

heey again! well thats good that he doesnt have a girlfriend, but people might just be saying that he likes someone else.. you never no. well good luck to you:)

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:59am

moustache-love-deactivated20111 said: you've got an adorable blog <3 what's your favourite song?

thank you sweet, atm its Rihanna -California King Bed 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:58am

waters0ul said: your tumblr is amazingggg

thank youuu!

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:56am

Anonymous said: I have blue patterened tights, what do i wear them with :3
Definitely one of my favourite blogs.

hmmm im thinking something white.. and thank you 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:56am

squar-ed said: Hey i love your blog! What or who are your fashion and style influences? :)

thanks! well one of my main style icons would be mary kate olsen, she is just amazing 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:55am

le-elephante said: loveee your blog!! check out mine?!

thanks:D ok

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:55am

cynthia-leung said: OMG!!! I love your pictures!!! It's amazing, the fashions are so awesome!!!

aww thanks means alot:’) xx

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:55am

lifeisserendipity said: You have an amazing tumblr. It would mean a lot to me if you checked mine out (and maybe even follow me):-). Keep up the nice work.

thank you:) sure 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:54am
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