stylemechic said: hi hi hi! I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog and have been following it for quite some time now :)! I was wondering if you could check out mine and follow? I would be so happy!

hey hey! aw thanks:’) yeah sure no problem 

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:54am

livvylocket said: People must ask you this alot, Sorry. How old are you ? :)

haha dont worry! im 17 :)

Saturday Feb 2 @ 09:53am
Thursday Feb 2 @ 05:32pm
Thursday Feb 2 @ 05:32pm
Thursday Feb 2 @ 05:31pm
Thursday Feb 2 @ 05:21pm
Thursday Feb 2 @ 05:20pm
Thursday Feb 2 @ 05:19pm
Thursday Feb 2 @ 05:17pm

definefml said: Wow, you have one of the biggest Tumblr fashion blogs! Keep up the great work! How many followers do you have now?

aw thanks means a lot:’) i have 25,194 followers 

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:51pm

lovephenomenalwomen said: follow back..please and thank you :) adore your blog btw

well i dont do follow backs sorry, and thanks!

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:50pm

smittenkittan said: What looks best with cordoroy skinnies

floaty/ baggy tops with military boots/pumps 

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:49pm

archese said: hi i really love your blog and i was wondering whether you could check mine out. if you followed me it would be a great help. x

heya course ill check it out:)

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:48pm

oi-bitch said: This blog is ah-mazing! :D
Keep it real babe! xo

thank you!

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:47pm

Anonymous said: It's me again. Haha. :) The first day he started work, he didn't even talk to me. But then, the next day we started to talk and even playing etc. he step at my shoes and at one time he accidentally kicks my leg and he touch my leg and say ' i'm sorry '. The way he treats me are much better than my ex-boyfie. Y'know what, he's the one who keeps doing the ' sweetest ' thing, even 1000 sweets can't compete his sweetest act.

aw to me it seems that he must really like you, and you obviously really like him. make sure he doesnthave a girlfriend then just go for it!

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:46pm
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