Anonymous said: What advice do you give someone who is unhappy with her life, but can't really do anything about it other than endure it?

i cant really give any advice about that, because there must be something you can do about it? 

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:45pm

Anonymous said: where do you get all your photo's from? i love them

just from different fashion sites:)

Thursday Feb 2 @ 04:44pm
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Anonymous said: Hi. I'm sorry for being asking this question. Well, I know him from my work place. Actually I've known him only for 2 or 3 weeks. But I really scared that what if I confess ' I like you ' to his face and all of sudden he just say ' oh okay. but I like someone else. ' :o Sigh.

no its fine sweet!:) and that is true, i would be scared as well. maybe start speaking to him more at work then you could get a general idea if he likes you a bit 

Tuesday Feb 2 @ 10:32am
Tuesday Feb 2 @ 10:30am
Tuesday Feb 2 @ 10:28am
Tuesday Feb 2 @ 10:26am

Anonymous said: Hi there. Can I ask you something or should I say can you give me some advice or opinions? Like this. I really like this guy. But then, he doesn't know that I like him. And we only communicate to each other through facebook. :) Do you know how to confess or say something to him etc. I like you to him? Or how to make he know that I like him. Tq.

aw thats cute, so how do you know this guy? from school or something? because it would be better to tell him to his face:) personally i would find this very hard to do! but i think you should just go for it;) 

Tuesday Feb 2 @ 10:24am
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